Faculty & Staff

Debora Tri Ragawanti, MA-ELT


Email : debora.ragawanti@staff.uksw.edu


MA from Assumption University Thailand in 2006.


 1. Implementing a Teacher-Education Program in Indonesian Context: from Theory to Practice Journal: The New English Teacher volume 8/1, January 2014
 2. A Deeper Look at the 2013 Curriculum: Principles and Classroom Activity Design Proceeding: The Seventh international Seminar 2013, FBS UKSW
 3. Reflective Journal: A Tool for Revealing the Pre-Service Teachers’ Professional Learning Proceeding: The Sixth international Seminar 2012, FBS UKSW
 4. Views on Creativity from an Indonesian Perspective Jounal:  ELT Journal 64(1), 2010
 5. Teacher Question and Questioning: Indonesian Students’ Opinion. Journal: K@ta 11/2, 2009
 6. Looking at students’ Beliefs on Teaching and Learning through Journal Journal: The New English Teacher, 2009
 7. Developing Cross-Cultural Awareness Activities for Language Learners. Procceding: The Fifth Conference on English Studies. Universitas Katolik Indonesia Atma Jaya, Jakarta 2008
 8. Constructions and Obstructions of Teacher Explanation to Students’ Learning: Perspectives of STiBA Satya Wacana Students. Journal: TEFLIN Journal 1/18 2007
 9. How should teachers give feedback: Indonesian Learners’ Perspectives. Journal: The New English Teacher 1/2, 2007
10 Poems as a Media to Teach Grammar. Journal: English Journal Vol. 2 (2005)


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