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Faculty Profile: Neny Isharyanti

Neny Isharyanti, S.Pd., M.A.

Neny Isharyanti


Office: F 506



Office Hours

Wed 11-13


S.Pd., Satya Wacana Christian University, Salatiga;

M.A., Iowa State University, Ames, Iowa, USA.

Ph.D., University of Melbourne, Melbourne,  Australia. (expected)

Research Interests & Expertise

Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL), intercultural computer-mediated communication, code-mixing, and teacher training in information and computer technology (ICT)


Isharyanti, N. 2008. Interactional Modifications In Internet Chatting. In R. C. V. Marriott & P. L. Torres (Eds.), Handbook of Research on E-Learning Methodologies for Language Acquisition. Idea Group, Inc. (forthcoming)

Isharyanti, N. 2006. Bilingual Indonesians’ Code-mixing Over the Internet Chatting. English.Edu; Journal of Language Teaching and Research, 6 (2), pp. 153-164.

Isharyanti, N. 2003. The Idea of Liberated Women Viewed by YB. Mangunwijaya in His Novel Burung-Burung Rantau. English.Edu; Journal of Language Teaching and Research, 2 (1), pp. 61-88.

Unpublished Papers


Conferences, Seminars, Workshops

Isharyanti, N. January 22, 2009. Creating Assessment using Moodle Course Management System (handout | presentation | Moodle Book). 2nd Annual Conference on Assessment in Language Learning and Teaching, Faculty of Language and Literature and Language Training Center, UKSW, Salatiga.

Isharyanti, N. March 18, 2008. Scope and Limitations of CALL in Indonesia (presentation). Ma Chung University, Malang, Indonesia.

Isharyanti, N. November 29, 2007. New Emerging Technologies in CALL: Potential Applications in Indonesian Classroom Settings (presentation). 1st Annual International Conference on Media and Technology, Faculty of Language and Literature, UKSW, Salatiga.

Isharyanti, N. November 2-7, 2007. The teaching of CALL in teacher preparation programs: What to teach and not to teach; In the quest for criteria in selecting websites for teaching purposes; I’m online, let’s chat!: Suggested classroom tasks using computer-mediated communication. GloCALL 2007 International Conference. Hanoi and Ho Chin Minh City, Vietnam.

Isharyanti, N. August 5, 2007. Knowing yourself and team building. Conference and workshop on “Being a Leader in the 21th Century” for Van Deventer scholarship recipients. Van Deventer Maas Stichting. Salatiga, Indonesia.

Isharyanti, N. & Timotius, A. I. December 5-7, 2006. Between Theory and Reality: Teachers’ Perspective on Evaluating Websites for Teaching Purposes (presentation); Walking Through the Maze of Internet (workshop). 54th TEFLIN International Conference, Salatiga, Indonesia.

Isharyanti, N. August 29, 2006. Blogging for learning. [presentation | handout ] Workshop for Revitalizing English subject Teachers in Salatiga. Salatiga, Indonesia: MGMP.

Isharyanti, N. August 8, 2006. Evaluating Websites for Learning Purposes [presentation | handout].Workshop and Round Table Discussion for K-12 teachers in Salatiga. Salatiga, Faculty of Language and Literature.

Isharyanti, N. and Sinanu, F.L. April 24, 2006. Am I a born or a made teacher?: Student Teachers’ Perspectives [paper]. Singapore: 41st RELC International Seminar.

Isharyanti, N. March 31, 2005. ESL Learners’ Metacognitive and Cognitive Reading Strategies in Comprehending Online Reading Materials [presentation | handout]. San Antonio, TX, USA: TESOL National Conference.

Isharyanti, N. Oct 2, 2004. Combination of Screen Capturing, Video and Audio Data Collection in Analyzing ESL Learners’ Cognitive and Metacognitive Strategies in Finding and Comprehending Internet-related Information for Academic Purposes [presentation | handout]. Ames, IA, USA: Iowa State University, Conference on Technology for Second Language Learning.


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