Welcome Note


Welcome to the Faculty of Language and Literature at Satya Wacana Christian University. On behalf of the Faculty of Language and Literature, I’m delighted that you’re taking an interest in learning here. Our faculty, which is also known as FBS UKSW is one of the country’s leading institutions for its English Language Teaching Program. However, this year we have another program, i.e. English Language and Literature.

When you take English Language Education program (ELE), you will learn the art of teaching different level of students, how to develop curriculum and materials for your teaching. You can also learn how to make use of technology and different kinds of medias to help you teach and prepare your lesson. These courses will help you become a more creative English teachers. In English Literature program (EL), not only you will learn about the language, but you will be taught how to have better understanding of literature, produce good writing which may then lead you to become creative writer, script writers, translator.

There are also some courses that both ELE and EL department shares, like how to perform and organize a performance in drama. ELE student can see the performance as a media to teach English whether EL students can make use of the course as a learning tool to reach out more people to understand literary works. Therefore, you can learn a range of different courses, not only theories but also soft skills how to handle challenges of holding an event, working together with many different people.

These are some of the programs we offer to prepare you to face the challenges in real work world, in teaching, journalism, or any other public services which require not only your language proficiency, but also your creativity, willingness to learn from dealing with challenges. We do hope that your learning in our faculty will help you grow as individual and become professionals in whatever course you take for life.

I hope you enjoy your learning in the Faculty of Language and Literature and make use of your time wisely to learn as much as you can, not only from the teachers during their lectures, as well as from your friends and all the events you can participate in campus.


Victoria Usadya Palupi