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Collaboration Project with U. of Manchester, UK and Instituto Cultural Anglo-Uruguayo, San Jose, Uruguay

This semester, students of Ms. Neny Isharyanti’s Sociolinguistic class have the opportunity to collaborate with students from the School of Education of the University of Manchester and Instituto Cultural Anglo-Uruguayo, San Jose, Uruguay in Computer-Mediated Intercultural Communication project.

For four weeks in March, they are communicating through chat, emails, wikis, and facebook in issues related to culture and the end of the project in April they will produce a wiki page, containing the results of their communication over the Internet and their shared reflection of the interaction. The students are also expected to write a paper to analyze the interaction from the perspective of sociolinguistics.

It is expected that this telecollaboration project can raise students’ awareness of issues and problems of intercultural communication and can get the opportunity to use English in a natural setting with native-speakers of English.

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Students, your opinion is needed!

Dear Students,

The semester is approaching to an end and it is time for course evaluation again.

We’re really interested to hear your opinion about the courses that you are taking the semester. Your opinion matters for improving the courses in the future.

To participate in the course evaluation, simply go to this online survey:

Don’t worry, the course evaluation will not affect your grades whatsoever.

Nen (for Ast)

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